Arc'teryx Atom Line Review

This is the first of three reviews I would like to do before the end of the year. I want to focus on pieces, clothing and gear that have made my commute better. The reviews have both positive and negative points. None of the manufacturers have sent me these items, so the reviews are going to be based solely on my opinions.

Let’s start with one of my favorite pieces, the Arc’teryx Atom lineup. These is gear that can transition from the mountains to the city in a heartbeat. The Atom LT especially, with its lightweight and unassuming style, can provide a lot of warmth and protection from the elements, while maintaining the low visibility needed in an urban environment.

The Atom LT Hoody is my go to jacket most of the fall, winter, and early spring.

The jacket is trim, super breathable, and warm. The lightweight materials used are key for keeping your layering system comfortable, light, and avoiding constricting movement. I usually wear a light pullover, or vest under the Atom LT Hoody, and I can manage the temperatures on a variety of ranges.

My only semi-negative comment is the logo. The big, white logo over a black surface is something I would prefer Arc’teryx did differently. They have the A2B line, which is designed for everyday wear in the city and the commute, and they make the logos usually in the same color as the garment, and place then in the sleeves or back of the clothing.

Their LEAF line, for Law Enforcement and Armed Forces, also have the logos subdued.

This is an Atom LT Jacket that was issued to me when I served. I don’t usually wear it to commute, since the color is more suited for the dessert, but you can see how the logo is more minimal.

The same with the LEAF Naga Pullover AR. It’s not part of the Atom line, but the front of the pullover is the same fabric and insulation. You can see the logo being very subdued and almost invisible.

I liked the line so much that I recently bought a vest as well. This vest has become my go-to middle layer in winter. Most of the time I gave a long sleeve shirt or tshirt under it, this vest, and then a jacket. The Atom LT Vest is so versatile that it goes with most everything.

Every LT piece is highly recommended for an urban commute.

There is a lighter line as well. The Atom SL (or Super Light). I have a hoody and a vest. They are great pieces for the springtime or while climbing or hiking in summer.

I keep the Hoody rolled and in my climbing backpack. You can see the wrinkles. I don’t wear it when I go to the city, mostly because of the color, but in spring or early fall, it would work great while commuting. I’m thinking about getting one in black or gray.

The vest is awesome. It’s a great piece to have as a backup for extra warmth, or as a midlayer on cool or not so cold days.

One thing to have in mind, the SL line tends to run a bit trimmer than the LT line. So if you workout, or have a bit of a beer belly, I suggest you go one size up.

To close, I have had the Atom LT Hoody for over 7 years, it still performs, it still provides warmths, and it doesn’t look too out of place in a city environment, and it has paid itself its rather expensive price tag over the years. Invest in good gear and clothing, and it’ll last. I decided to invest in the Atom line, it’s good and it allows me to be light and warm.

I highly recommend you try these pieces.