Commuting to NYC Part IV

Commuting to NYC has returned almost to its crazy normal rhythm. Trains are getting more crowded, subways are back to being tight, streets are almost always full of waves of people walking, crossing streets, and as always being in their own worlds.

Safety in the city has become an issue, though. Subways still remain a place where you need to be aware of your surroundings, random people (some homeless, some not) roam streets looking for trouble or at least in a mental state that it’s easy to get them to snap at you, and, now that weed is legal, people smoke everywhere, walking stoned and in sometimes bumping into you. It’s sad to see.

But still, the City is the city and people push on, commuting and working long hours.

I’m commuting more and more, and walking a lot in the city. Whether it’s from the train station to my office, or to customers, I’m putting in a lot of miles every week. The weather, though, has become unpredictable. Heat, rain, sudden drops in temperatures, flash floods, and a few other things are common and they come without warning. So, as always, I’m thankful that I have a good wardrobe of technical clothing that can be used as business casual.

The other day, I was walking from Grand Central to my office and I got caught up in a crazy heavy rain. It lasted five minutes, but the amount of water that fell and the speed was insane. Needless to say, we all got drenched. I walked some more, and by the time I arrived at the building most of my clothing was just dumped, and an hour later I was completely dried. Easy, nice.

I can’t recommend enough that you research techwear and find what works for you, especially if you are walking a lot in the city.

Search the index for a lot of posts about this and also layering. They will help with the commute. It’ll help keep you dry/warm/cool/light.

Be safe out there.

Yes... In the pictures:

  • Arc’teryx Softshell Vest
  • Arc’teryx Skyline Shirt
  • Bluffworks 5 Pockets Pants
  • GORUCK Jedburgh Boots