Keep It Light

Going through the security check at JFK is always daunting. Not because of the actual security checks they might do (they don’t do any security checks), but because of the amount of people and the atrocious organization skills of the individuals hired to organize the chaos.

One thing that helps to navigate this is having a small footprint. Yes, being light.

One pack, easy movement. Once past the checks, just grab a coffee and go to the gate.

Two weeks on the move. One bag.

First week in a fairly risky location. Once I landed, there was no need to wait for bags. I walked out of the terminal, head on a swivel. Reaching out the door, a crowd of taxi drivers shouting at me, but that’s ok. In this particular place, public transportation is best, so off I went.

About 20 minutes later I arrived at the place I’m staying for the week. A quick drink of bottled water, and I began.

Second week, easy. Well, sort of. So back to the airport, quick, simple, straight through security. No need to linger in areas where you can be a target. A few hours later, I arrived.

Easy out, fast. On to the shuttle to the rental car place.

Another week, another living off one pack. The trick? Two things: easy care clothing you can wash in the hotels, and money to buy stuff when you need it.


Now that I’m back in my house, I wonder and ask myself: I can go two weeks with one pack, and here I am, with a lot of stuff in my closet… Makes you think…

Happy new year to all.