Knowledge Transfer

As I prepare the first set of blog posts, I just wanted to outline what you will soon find here, and talk about some thoughts around this.

For several years, I have been commuting to crowded cities, in many countries. My work has taken me to far away places, often for extended periods of time, offering me ample chances to travel, learn what works and what doesn’t, and allowing me to refine the art of packing light. I don’t remember the last time I checked a bag, or took more than one small or mid size backpack with me. The idea was to get in and out of airports and airplanes as fast as possible, and have an easy and fluid movement wherever I was flying to. This has also provided me with a good view of what different cities around the world are like, what commuting to those urban environments feel like, and - interestingly - how as much as each city feels different, they also feel the same.

A few years back, I decided to take the same approach to what I take to my daily commute, when I go to the office. I found a lot of similarities around international traveling and local commuting to big cities. From the train or subway rides, to walking in crowded streets and subway stations, to dealing with the elements (weather) and - not as often - emergencies. I have been consistently and constantly streamlining and reducing what I carry with me, much like I did with my packing for traveling. I figured, if I could be lighter and more nimble when I commute, then I could take some of the burdens of the commute out, and focus on just getting there, and actually enjoy it.

What I will write in this blog is about what worked for me, and why I chose the things I carry, or how I dress (and types of clothes). It’s about what I think the focus should be, listing not only the gear I selected, but paying attention to the environment and location of the commute, the organization needed to be lighter, the mindset necessary to be safer.

In short, Urban Commuter will explore how to streamline the way you travel and commute to cities, the things you carry, how you move, and how you dress, trying to instill the appropriate mindset needed for a better, safer commute.

I hope some of these articles will challenge your way of thinking. People sometimes need a little bit of a push, and that is what I want to do. Stay safe, be light and remain aware.