Always Moving

The past couple of weeks have been tense in NYC. A lot of protests and the uncertainty that the current idiocy of young people may enable terrorists to use the chaos in their favor.

There is a lot of law enforcement and military presence in Grand Central Station, Times Square, and other familiar sites, however there is also a lack of that presence in places where I would look further. The whole thing feels off, and I don’t like it. My senses are on fire when things like this happen.

I found myself planning contingencies every morning, while having coffee, and before taking the train to NYC.

The one thing that is central to this contingency planning is movement. Unless I have to be static, i.e. in an office, I don’t stay long in any place. Maybe it’s too much, but I’m used to this and moving constantly has proved to be safer many times over in the past. Static is often needed, but dynamic is the way if you need to account for safety.

To this effect, I’ve been focusing on making my pack even lighter, bringing less, and learning new ways of understanding the environment. For example, I began to use my iPad more which has enabled me to work on the go better. I have also started spending more time quietly reading the area I’m in. For example, once I arrive in my office, I pause on a corner, in the lobby, and before going up to my floor, I observe. I try to sense whether something is off, whether there is a buzz in the air. It’s not hard to feel when something is off. I have also made it a point to meet with people in places where I can control the exits, or rather, where I know what to do in case of an emergency.

Always move. Always adapt to the situation at hand.

I think it’s going to get worse before it gets worse.

Stay safe.