Arc'teryx Skyline Review

As summer is winding down, I wanted to review one of the pieces of performance wear (AKA techwear) that I constantly reach out to wear when I commute to NYC.

The Arc’teryx Skyline shirt.

A minimalist shirt that looks great in a wide variety of outfits, including jeans, slacks, or in those business casual settings where you still need to look sharp. The Skyline is slick and very toned-down. It is comfortable, and it is so easy to care for that it becomes a travel piece as well.

Arc’teryx recently updated the line, with a better fit and finish, and it continued with the two different versions, a long sleeve and a short sleeve. Both of them, aside from the sleeves, are identical trim and the fabric. A new “Melange” version in short sleeves was added, with a fabric that is a little lighter for the more humid and hotter environments.

Frankly, the Skyline is one of the best shirts I’ve tried for commuting. It’s comfortable across a variety of temperatures, it dries relatively fast, it can be dressed down or up depending on the occasion, and it’s simple in its appearance and colors that helps you go unnoticed. It hits all the elements of the philosophy.

I own two with short sleeves and one with long sleeves. The one with long sleeves gets a lot of wear and has seen more washes than the others. There are some discolorations beginning to appear where the buttons touch the fabric, but this is after more than two years of wear. Still, I would check that out if you are buying a used one.

But, aside from this issue, the shirts still look awesome and perform every time I wear them. I’m thinking about buying another long sleeve so I can have a couple of options for each flavor.

These shirts are some of my favorite pieces. HIghly recommend you try them.